Happy Valentine’s & Mother’s Day

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Valentine's day & Mother's Day

Norwegian Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are both being celebrated today, so now we have no excuse for not putting on our party shoes and sharing all our love with the world — and our family.

Since I’m hundreds of kilometres away from both my mum and Mr T, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish them both a wonderful day!  I have the best mother anybody could ask for, who always has my back and makes me feel both safe and loved. With my boyfriend, Mr T, it’s pretty much the same, actually, but he also makes my heart flutter and is damn fine to look at!

I hope you have a wonderful day with your mother or your significant other — or best of all, with both. A big hurrah for love and family!

And excuse me for being all lovey dovey today, but I just watched the final two episodes of Tolstoy’s War and peace where they all got each other in the end. Soooo romantic.

  • Tusen takk, kjære! Jeg håper du også har en flott dag med den fine familien din, både som Valentin og mamma. Du kan kanskje fått frokost på sengen av de søte små (og Lars)? Stor klem