Winter Essentials

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

Since Winter v 2.0 is well under way here in Oslo, I’m sharing with you my sartorial tricks for staying warm and stylish in sub-zero temperatures:

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

1  Long-sleeved cotton t-shirts — These are my best friends. If I’m not wearing a shirt/blouse, I’m wearing one of these under my wool sweaters. I itch easily and these keep me both scratch free and warm. Go cheap on these as they are a basic cotton garment that can easily be replaced. Buy from H&M here and similar from Lindex here.

2  Long-sleeved cotton turtlenecks — Under my wool turtleneck sweaters I’ll wear a cotton turtleneck to prevent my neck from itching. The best I’ve found this season are from Lindex and come in a range of colours.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

3  Silk and lace camisoles — When I wear a silk or viscose blouse I pop on a silk camisole underneath that shows a hint of lace in the shirt opening while keeping me warm. A viscose blend will also work — just make sure it contains mostly natural fibres so it breathes. You might strike luck and pick up a silk camisole at H&M or another highstreet store, while Style Butler has a nice selection of lace and silk vests. The latter is really hard to find for sale online here in Norway, but I found one of their lace camisoles hereShopbop offers a wide selection of camisoles at different price points.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

4  Wool camisole — If it’s really cold out, I’ll wear a thicker shirt and pop a soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom pure merino wool camisole underneath. Vera & William has a good selection (here is mine, in different colours).

5  Footless tights — These are a saviour under jeans on cold days  or just to keep the itch at bay under wool trousers. H&M carries two different thicknesses — buy 200 denier here and 60 denier 2-pack  here. They also do a fleece version if you are really cold.

6  Wool socks — Short or knee-length, I have a good selection of socks in dark colours to wear with different length trousers and shoes/boots. If price isn’t an issue, I’d say Falke all the way (regular here, knee socks here). For a cheaper alternative, Pierre Robert has a good selection of wool/wool blends (scroll down on the page).

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

7  Wool insoles — I just bought these lambswool insoles a couple of months back and I’m a true convert! The sheep shag is cuddling your toes as you walk and you’ll always have warm feet, even in shoes that are not made for winter climates. Buy them online here or head to your nearest Nilson Shoes.

8  Fleece tights — H&M and other high-street chains carry thick fleece-lined tights that keep your legs warm when you are wearing skirts and dresses in the winter. H&M is currently sold out of their fleece tights online (they only have the leggings), but look for them in store. Shop Oroblu’s more exclusive version here. Also, Uniqlo’s heattech tights are supposed to be amazing, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Winter Essentials

9  Wool chemise — A soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom wool chemise is just what you need under your dress in the winter. I love mine from Vera & William (in many different colours, on sale), while Style Butler has silk blends.

10  Neckscarf — As I mentioned above, I itch easily. Wearing a small scarf tied flatly around my neck under wool turtleneck sweaters ensures that I don’t go crazy. Silk scarves available here and here.

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What do you wear to stay warm in the wintertime? Do you have any garments that you rely on?

PS // See the complete outfit in the opening photo here. It’s all about the layers, starting out with a wool camisole.

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  • Wow! I didn’t even know some of pieces existed. My mind is officially blown. Definitely saving this post to refer to each winter.

    • Haha, I aim to please! They even have wool panties (look like tight gym shorts) that are great if you are wearing skirts in reeeaally cold weather. xoxo Anett

  • Melissa

    Footless tights, has been one of my favorite this season. I can’t stand tights, I love that fact that they sell them footless now. Don’t know why its a big difference for me, it’s most like have leggings.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear!

    • I hear you, Melissa! Wearing tights all day sometimes make my toes hurt really badly at the end of the day. It’s like the toe seam is rubbing at the tip of my toes and makes them really sore. Footless tights I don’t even feel that I’m wearing. xoxo Anett