Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

This is the 70th post in the Happy Thoughts series, which means that on 70 separate occasions I have listed all the things that have put a smile on my face and made my heart sing.

The post is a great opportunity to take status and realise that my life isn’t half bad, even though it seems rough at 7 am on a Monday morning. I have inspiring, loving friends and family that would walk through fire for me, numerous hobbies that motivate me creatively and plenty of resources to live a happy and fulfilled life.

A big cheers to another 70 Happy Thoughts so I’ll never forget how lucky I am!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{1} A misty face —

A spritz of Avène’s facial mist is like an instant boots of energy when I sit and work by the computer. It also worked as a very expensive anti-static device on my silk dress for last week’s party outfit in the post Brown suede jacket styled 3 ways… PS: Stock up when you’re in France for the best price.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} The Shred —

I finally pulled myself together and started working out again! Though Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred is like severe punishment for a crime that you didn’t commit, it’s worth it for the quick results. Sadly I’ve had a cold for the past couple of days so I haven’t been able to work out, but this afternoon I’m back in action and I won’t stop until I’m bikini ready!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} Online thrift sale —

A few days’ hard work and a fraction of my to sell-pile is listed online on Finn.no. Clothes sold means new clothes can be bought, right? If you want anything translated into English, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ll ship throughout the world at buyer’s expense.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} More snow —

Truth be told, I’m not entirely happy about this new snow spurt that we’re having (it’s Winter 3.0), but I’ve decided to look at the bright side: At least it’s not raining and the snow makes it really light outside. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger, right?!?

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{5} Prepping for Easter —

Someone out there deserves a little pressie for Easter, but I won’t tell you who! Easy Easter chick crochet instructions are coming up on the blog on Wednesday.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{6} Gilet DIY —

This Zara faux sheepskin gilet is a thriftstore find that I can’t bear myself to wear with its peculiar shoulder shape. A couple of snips and a few seams later it will hopefully look chic as a button! I’m using another waistcoat as a template.

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  • Thanks, Lauren! Fingers crossed it will go well — I have my doubts whether my sewing machine will sew over such thick fabric… If it’s successful, you’ll see the result on the blog, that’s for sure! xoxo Anett

  • Så kjekt å høre, Kristine! Ingen grunn til panikk. Slapp av og finn tilbake mojo’en din først, så skrider du til verket med en godt gjennomtenkt plan. Stor klem