Happy Thoughts

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

Half finished golden Easter eggs — instructions here

{1} New job —

It has been a while since you heard from me and I’ve had a good reason — I’ve got myself a new job as marketing manager for a forward leaning company where I can get my hands dirty building new and effective marketing communication channels. I’m starting on April 4th. Wish me luck!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{2} Colourful Easter chicks —

One can never have too many Easter decorations — or have enough gifts for dear friends! Using up tiny balls of leftover cotton yarn, I’ve been crocheting these colourful Easter chicks. Instructions here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{3} New Easter DIYs —

While rummaging through my to sell-pile, I came across these Easter DIY kits that I bought years ago, but never got around to making. Rather than selling them, I’m spending Easter creating them. Fun! PS: Instructions for how to make the feather eggs are here.

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{4} Clean windows —

I finally cleaned all the windows in my flat and the sun is shining so much brighter for it!

Tall Girl's Fashion // Happy Thoughts

{5} My friend’s Easter card —

Her young son taught her how to make the card from a folded piece of paper — the chick gapes at you from the middle of the card. The term centre fold just got a whole new meaning! The card has pride of place on my Easter dining table.

  • Thanks a lot! I hope you had a fun and cosy Easter as well — mine was the best. xoxo Anett

  • Susan G

    Congratulations on your new job, Anett! Your crocheted chicks are adorable.

    • Thanks and thanks! I’m counting the days until Monday! xoxo Anett