I’m back!

Tall girl's fashion // classics in neutrals

I can’t believe that I’ve been away from blogging for almost three years! Time sure flies when you are busy. But to be honest, I haven’t been that busy.

I started out busy, as I got a new job and put my energy into doing well there. However, over time I was struggling to balance out the different aspects of my life.

A few years ago I suffered a severe burn-out after which I was couldn’t work for over a year. The job I took after my recovery sadly turned out to be wrong for me considering what my body had recently gone through, so I burned out again.

Now I’m on my road to becoming my old self again and though normal everyday tasks make me very tired, I’m ready to carefully dip my fingers onto the keyboard again. I’ve really missed talking about fashion and pretty things – none of my friends share my passion for fashion, so my online community is how I get my fashion fix and I can’t be without you any longer!

A few things have changed since I last blogged: I’ve moved to the centre of Oslo where I share a flat with my fiance; we are currently saving up for our wedding so I have little money to spend on new clothes; I try to be more conscious of the environmental effects of how I live and consume; and I just started working part time at an auction house and love it.

My goal is to post once a week, every Sunday. I will mostly post about fashion, though a few other topics might get thrown into the mix, probably concerning some of the beautiful things I come across in my job at the auction house or about the preparations for our wedding in Lisbon.

Now let us just dive right in and start with my first outfit post of 2 years and 11 months (!):

Tall girl's fashion // classics in neutrals

HM captain’s hat / Stella McCartney wool scarf / Max Mara wool coat / Mango wool culottes / Sand wool sweater / Old boots from who-knows-where

Just a quick disclaimer at first: While I hope to improve on my images soon, for now I will shoot most of them myself on my iPhone. At the moment I just don’t have more energy to spend on this task – I’ve got to save it for more pressing matters like getting to work in the morning, cooking dinner and walking the dog.

This outfit is built around classic garments in neutral tones. It started out with me wanting to wear the wool culottes, as they are rather warm and comfy despite their short length (with a pair of tights underneath). Since I chose my favourite coat of the winter to layer on top, I decided to match this with brown boots to tie the outfit together.

Truth be told, I wear this coat a lot – at least three days a week. I splurged on it back in December and I still feel a tad guilt for buying it (on sale) when I should have been saving for our wedding, so I’m trying to justify its expense by reducing its cost per wear. I’m still only at nok 240…

I’m curious to know, do you calculate the CPW of your purchases? Or do you have another clever way of justifying a fashion investment that might be useful for the rest of us “investors”?

Tall girl's fashion // classics in neutrals


  • A hearty welcome back! I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough time with your health the past couple of years but am happy to hear you’re on the upswing and that so many great things have happened in your life. Of course, I’ve kept up with some of the happenings in your life via Instagram but it was fun to read them here as well.

    As for me, I completely lost my motivation for blogging after my 2 huge life changes of moving back to the U.S. from Europe and having the baby BUT my love for blogging is starting to surface again, and I hope to be back at it soon. In the meantime, I’m checking all of the blogs I used to read regularly so that I can catch up with what my blogger friends are up to.

    On the fashion end, I adore your coat and it sounds like it was a fabulous investment if you wear it several times per week. I would love a coat like that! I’ll have to keep my eyes open