Tall girl's fashion

Welcome to my blog Tall girl’s fashion —

My name is Anett (born 1971) and I started my blog back in 2009, as a creative outlet for my strong interest in fashion and style. The blog has changed a fair bit over the years and after connecting with so many amazing tall women in the blogging world, my focus in now on tall fashion and style.

I’m a Norwegian viking standing proud at 183 cm/6 feet, more if I’m wearing heels. And naturally, I will be wearing heels! Since my late twenties, after deciding to rise above silly inquiries about the weather situation “up here” and childish exclamations like “you’re REALLY tall”, I’ve felt pretty good about my height. Yes, I’m taller than every woman I know. And yes, I’m taller than most men, especially when in heels, but we’ve got to embrace the body that we have and make the most of it. That is the only way to be true to ourselves and be happy in life. So what if your boyfriend is shorter than you and people stare? As long as the two of you are attracted to each other, go on and date a smurf! (True story).

Since graduating from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland back in 1996, I’ve lived and worked in the US, Scotland and Norway, and only last year I settled in Oslo. So far, I love it here and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m still searching for my dream job in sales/marketing, but I’m sure it will come my way soon.

Oslo is the bee’s knees for shopping, culture and entertainment, and has the perfect four-seasonal climate to boot. When I’m not busy exploring the city with friends, I love to travel. My goal is to see the world before I die and I’m well on my way there.

Other hobbies are DIY, reading (mostly English novels), photography, running, cooking (so I can eat well) and dating. I’m still searcing for the man of my life and I’m quite sure he is out there somewhere!

After recently going through some difficult times, my current focus is on doing more of the things that make my heart sing. One of these activities is running my blog. I want this to be a channel for me to share what I am passionate about, so some of my excitement can rub off on you! I believe that as tall women, we have so much to be pleased about: Our long backs ensure that we can always see at plays and concerts, our height means that we can eat a lot of cookies before anyone notices our weight gain, we have legs to wear even the silliest trouser shapes and we will always be able to reach the top shelf!

Whether you are short or tall: Accept and learn to love your body, and make the clothes that you wear bring out the best in you! And always, always do things that make you happy.

xoxo Anett